Zulo Shape
Zulo form or zulo shape is the war form of the Tzimisce achieved through Vicissitude.


The Zulo is a chitinous monstrosity studded with osseous spurs and horns, often incorporating other minor variations of the Fiend's own design into its form. The zulo shape is manifested with "Horrid Form", the fourth level of the Discipline known as Vicissitude.

Learning to awaken one's zulo form is viewed as a Fiend's first step towards attaining a state of perfection (Azhi Dahaka) in the primal spirituality of koldunism and the vampiric transhumanism of the Path of Metamorphosis. More practically, the zulo form grants the Tzimisce the ability to battle even such opponents as Shadow Lord Lupines face-to-face.

A sixth level Vicissitude power, Chiropteran Marauder, augments the zulo form with bat-like wings, granting the Fiend a limited degree of flight. This form is iconically used by Vladimir Rustovich and by the Sheriff (as seen at the conclusion of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines).


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