Final Death:









Bodor Toth

Zubor was a respected and powerful member of the Obertus Tzimisce of Constantinople.


His sire, Gesu, tasked him with the supervising of the construction of Obertus monasteries within Transylvania following the influx of mortals to Constantinople after the Second Crusade. Zubor was chosen for diplomatic skills and knowledge over the customs of the area.

Unfortunately, the local voivodes were not interested in tolerating their estranged brethren in their territory and began to send them bands of szlachta. After he had sent his own childe as a messenger to the local voivode, a fiend named Koban, he received a message fleshcrafted from the remains of his childe demanding his entourage leave his domain within a month.

Eventually, the Obertus considered the effort a failure and in 1162, Gesu sent his agent Thomas Feroux out to destroy both Koban and Zubor. Zubor fled into the mountains, desperately seeking refuge from the near inevitable Final Death.

Zubor managed to embrace a local boyar named Bodor Toth, but before he could use this connection, Koban's henchmen found him and brought him to their master's castle. There he spent two months in agonizing torture, but managed to eloquently curse his tormentor a short moment before he was destroyed, saying Koban would be destroyed by his own childer.

After his Final Death, his remains were reworked into a mantle for Koban. The voivode than proceeded to prevent the curse from be fulfilled by hunting Zubor's brood, believing they would be the one's destined to slay him.


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