Zara Slatikov

Zara Slatikov


Scholar of Enlightenment






-7th (originally)

-6th (through Diablerie)





Zara Slatikov is one of the few Koldun of the Sabbat and a paragon on the Path of Metamorphosis.


Born into a now extinct Revenant-family in the service of prince Razkoljna, Zara witnessed the massive turmoils of the War of Princes and came to believe that change was the only constant in the world, attaining the mindset of a metamorphosist without any form-altering powers. For this, she was embraced by Razkoljna and tutored in the ancient ways of koldunic sorcery. When her childe had become proficient in the customs of Cainite society, she was sent as an envoy to other Tzimisce domains, traveling through Eastern Europe in the process and visiting the Cathedral of Flesh.

In the Anarch Revolt, Zara joined on the side of the Anarchs, but at first scorned joining the Sabbat, believing it to be only another tool of the Elders. It was only through personal acquaintances that she came to join the sect. She acted as a mentor for young Tzimisce who wanted to follow the philosophies of metamorphosis, despite this hindered her progressing on the path, and helped codifying several others, believing them all to be different expressions of the same ideal.

She further acts as an emissary between the Sabbat and the remaining Elders of the Clan in their traditional domains, honoring them and sending young Fiends to them to be instructed. Further, she is a staunch enemy of the Baali and their demon-worshipping ways and has studied Kupala and his connection with the Clan for several centuries.

Character SheetEdit

Zara Slatikov, Scholar of Enlightenment
Sire: Razkoljna
Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Director
Generation: 6th
Embrace: 1218
Apparent Age: Varies
Morality: Path of Metamorphosis 8
Willpower: 7



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