Zaltu, the Visage of the Beast is one of the Apocalyptic Forms avaliable to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Rabisu.

The Zaltu reflect their realm of power more literally than any other Fallen. They look like the creatures they once created. Fur, feathers, and scales make up the skin of the Zaltu. Many move with grace and strength befitting their forms. Claws and teeth are also appropriate, but unlike the other Fallen, the Zaltu who appear with these appendages are not High-Torment. Rather, High-Torment Zaltu are revealed by their horrific diseased appearances. Wounds are torn through the skin of some, while others foam at the mouth, and still others resemble nothing so much as walking corpses. A Tormented Zaltu is a creature out of many humans' nightmares.

The Zaltu's role in creation was fairly straightforward. They created every creature, from the tiniest microbe to the great blue whale. The physical form of man even fell to these creature, and the Zaltu took the job on with honor and developed affection for these creatures that would be the greatest of their creations. But then, Michael declared the humans fair game for animals to hunt, and the Zaltu were horrified as their creations killed one another. Initially, the Zaltu who rebelled were on the side of the humans, but their outlook changed when they returned from the Abyss. Humans proved themselves to be capable and adaptable, and now many of the Zaltu rush to save their other creations from what they once considered their masterwork.

Background informationEdit

Zaltu is the name of the Babylonian goddess of strife.


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