Zafar al-Baghdadi was once a noted follower of the Road of Humanity whom dwelled in Baghdad. He was both honorable and thrustworthy, but also cunning and deceptive. His only great flaw that proved to be his undoing was his fear of his own Beast that he regarded as a punishment for his sins. As a result, he used Animalism to sendt it away into others as often as he could. This however, proved to be dangerous as at one time, the host died before Zafar was able to recall his Beast. He immediatly collapsed into Torpor, awakening hundreds years later. Following the death of his Beast, he lived a miserable unlife, unable to hunt or to motivate himself to do anything. When his sire tried to help him by sending her own Beast into him, he erupted into a Frenzy and killed his sire and then departed Baghdad, barely able to contain the rages of this new Beast and dangerously close to Wassail.

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