Yellow Nurses are Hobgoblin Doctors specialized in feeding from lethal injuries (healing them in the process).


They’re cursed, these hobgoblins. Of all stripes, they are — cat-faced anomalies, hissing half-human things with white larvae flesh, plasticine manikins dragging their legless bodies along by crooked arms. Who knows how they were cursed to become what they are? When a changeling or another goblin becomes wounded in the Hedge, the Yellow Nurses might detect it. Soon, they gather and start to follow — first at a distance, but soon they close in. Drooling. Snapping their jaws. Eyes rolling around like an addict hungry for junk.

A changeling might be afraid (and in many ways, maybe should be), but those who let the nurses appear or who cannot fight them off learn the truth: these goblins feed from injuries. They actually eat the injuries, clamping their mouths down on the wounds and sucking at the infections and misery with probing tongues. It’s an enervating process, a terrible, leeching event — and sometimes, they’re hard to keep at bay even after they’ve fed. After they feed, the hobs grow jaundiced, hence the name “Yellow Nurses”.

The Yellow Nurses eat only lethal damage, having no appetite for or interest in bashing or aggravated. For each point of damage they consume (and thus it leaves the changeling’s Health track), they also take a Willpower point. They take one point of Health and one point of Willpower per turn. They do not stop, though, and once all of a changeling’s Willpower is gone, they start eating Attribute dots. The Attribute dots return at a rate of one-per-day after the fact.


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