Yazid tamari
Art by James Stowe

Yazid Tamari


1750 CE


Assamite antitribu






Black Hand

Yazid Tamari is a Dominion of the Black Hand and acting Seraph since 2002 CE. A jovial Assamite of small stature, he is a poet, soldier, politician, negotiator, and a stone cold killer. He is the grandchilde of former Seraph Djuhah.


Born in the early eighteenth century in Jerusalem, Yazid is a man of many talents, and has proven himself competent, clever, and when necessary, ruthless. Visually, Yazid does not fit the image most vampires have of an Assamite Warrior, much less a Black Hand assassin: he is portly and not particularly tall, with a jovial face and ready smile more in keeping with a prosperous merchant than a warrior. His manner is always smooth and courteous, even to his enemies – right up until he cuts their throats.

Yazid is keenly aware of the identity crisis facing his brothers and sisters, and knows to his sorrow that their answers do not lie with Alamut. If the monster who now sits on Haqim's throne is but the Herald of the Antediluvian, how much more terrible must its master be? To this end, he seeks to rebuild the pride and unity of the clan, first among the Assamite antitribu in the Black Hand, and then reaching out to their kin in the Sabbat as well, even those the departed elders once scorned. Perhaps some night, if Allah permits, his message will even reach the Schismatics who have sought sanctuary in the Camarilla... a goal he will not propose just yet, for his position as Seraph is not yet secure, and Yazid is far too pragmatic to allow his greater goals to be thwarted by untimely idealism.