The Ordo Dracul uses the term Wyrm's Nest to denote places of power. The control over a nest is usually the reason for conflict with the other more occult Covenants, like the Lancea et Sanctum or the Circle of the Crone, but sometimes also with other supernaturals, like Uratha, Mages, Changelings and even stranger things.


Wyrm's Nests are interconnected through a shifting web of mystic energies that the Dragons call dragon lines. With the use of geomancy and similar arts, the Ordo seeks to cataloguize the movement of these lines to take over Wyrm's Nests when they form. Since Wyrm's Nests usually resonate with a certain flavour of energy, places saturated with blood, carnage and death are usually easier to find for the covenant, while those aspects to vibrancy, life and love usually fall beneath their radar. By studying the Nests, the Ordo hopes to understand the change they imprint on their environment, its causes and how it could be harnessed for their own goals of transcending the Curse.

The Ordo Dracul categorizes Wyrm's Nests according to their usefulness towards the Great Work. The categories are:

  • Crucibles, places that aid in the development of the Coils of the Dragon
  • Fontal Nests, places that are neither harmful nor helpful for the goals of the Ordo Dracul
  • Perilous Nests, places that emanate energies that are harmful to the Kindred
  • Haunted Nests, places that are haunted by one or several ghosts (in most cases, they double as Cenotes)