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Name: Wu Zao
Pronunciation: Wú Zǎo
Nickname: Orphans
Founder: Saulot
Faction: Independent
Disciplines: (VTDA) Auspex, Fortitude, Valeren (Healer Caste) (scholars); Auspex, Fortitude, Valeren (Warrior Caste) (thieves);

(V20) Auspex, Fortitude, player's choice of Obeah or Valeren; (DA20) Auspex, Obfuscate, Valeren (Watcher Caste)

Parent Clan: Salubri

The Wu Zao are a rare Kindred bloodline of Salubri in Asia, the legacy left behind by Saulot when he traveled East to learn enlightenment. In the West, they are referred to as the Watcher Caste.

History Edit

According to the Wan Kuei, Zao-lat, a trickster from the West, came to the Middle Kingdom to steal enlightenment from Xue. The Wu Zao hold that Zao-Lat saw the coming age of darkness and hoped to share understanding with the Kuei-jin, only to be to be treated with distrust and hatred and driven back West. However, he left two childer behind; Zao-zei, a thief and explorer, and Zao-xue, a scholar and monk.

The two were Zao-lat's companions for a time, but when the Wan Kuei attacked Zao-lat and forced his departure, Zao-zei and Zao-xue believed this to be the beginning of a slide towards a final apocalypse and began to sire childer in an effort to either reverse or survive the process. Childer model themselves after one of the two progenitors of the bloodline, becoming pairs of thieves and scholars cooperating to uncover the knowledge necessary to deal with the coming Age of Darkness.

Final NightsEdit

The Wu Zao managed to interpret the news of Zao-lat's demise as an omen of difficult times ahead and they began preparing, moving their havens away from the Black Tortoise Court and escaping the vampiric purges at the end of the Mongol empire. Because of this, quite a few managed to survive into the Final Nights.


Most Wu Zao are organized in cells of two kindred each; these pairs of vampires being the only form of organization they typically have, though they do accumulate a few servants and followers.

Culture Edit

The Wu Zao see themselves as the protectors of the Cainite race against the other creatures of the night, as well as seekers of knowledge that will allow Cainites survive the cataclysmic turns of the Wheel of Ages. They commune with Lupines and spirits of blood and murder, hold court with the hungry dead, and steal treasures from the chantries of wizards so that the night may be Zao-lat’s to own. In past nights, they allied with the Black Tortoise Court to hunt down the Anda, whom they regarded as heralds of the Fifth Age.

Weakness Edit

Zao-lat's order to gather secret knowledge permeates the blood of every Wu Zao. Each Wu Zao must choose an area of arcane lore that becomes the focus of their unlife. A Willpower roll is required to resist pursuing an opportunity to research this subject- regardless of how dangerous it is.

Version Differences Edit

As originally presented in Wind from the East, the Wu Zao are a bloodline comprising two castes, the scholars and thieves, with the scholars following Valeren's healing path and the thieves its warrior path. Generally, childer are of their sire's caste, but it's possible to switch to the other caste.

V20 makes no mention of the castes, and allows a Wu Zao to select either Obeah or Valeren at character creation.

In Dark Ages 20th, the Wu Zao are reimagined as the primary faction of the Salubri Watcher caste, replacing Fortitude with Obfuscate and receiving their own proprietory path of Valeren.

They keep their original weakness, but should they fail the Willpower roll, they're down two on all pools for the rest of the night. They also share the common Salubri weakness of developing the third eye upon learning their first level of Valeren.

References Edit

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