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Written by: Benjamin Baugh, Rob Donoghue, Martin Henley, Stephen Herron, Howard David Ingham, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard, Chuck Wendig, and Stewart Wilson
Developer: Chuck Wendig
Creative Director: Richard Thomas
Art Director: Aileen E. Miles
Layout & Typesetting: Katie McCaskill
Interior Art: Avery Butterworth, Farel Dalrymple, Brian LeBlanc, Pat Loboyko, Marco Nelor, Phil Wohr
Cover Art: Mathias Kollros
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: July 14, 2010
Pages: 225
Year: 2010
Publication #: WW 55210
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-383-4
PDF: Bullet-pdf.png Bullet-nip
Price: $29.99
PDF: $14.99

World of Darkness: Mirrors is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of Darkness. It functions as a toolbox for Storytellers, allowing changes to mechanics, rules, and setting.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path catalog:

What would I be, if God wanted me to be something different? I would be whatever God saw fit to make me.
I would be a crow picking at the bones of the dead. I would be a worm nestled in the heart of my enemies.
I would be a faceless angel. I would be a rabid wolf. I would be a broken mirror.
But make no mistake, my children.
Whatever God sees fit for me, one thing will never change. I will always be a monster.
- Solomon Birch
This book includes:
  • An unholy host of alternate systems for you to option into your characters and games, including (but not limited to!) Morality, Virtue/Vice, Merits, character creation.
  • Brand new systems for you to incorporate: social and mental combat, miniatures combat, relationships and Rapport, Conviction, Insanity, and don't forget to check out the Extraordinary Mortals template (with built-in Skill Tricks).
  • Three new "what-if setting hacks" for the World of Darkness. The World of Darkness Revealed, wherein the monsters stand exposed for all humanity to see; The World of Darkness Destroyed, which gives you the option of playing out the global apocalypse; and The World of Dark Fantasy, a fantastical spin on the system and setting.
  • A handful of essays from the writers and developer of the book, bringing you their own personal "house rules" and hacks for you to consider.

Prologue: She Lives In Mirrors Edit

Chapter One: Breaking the Mirror Edit

Chapter Two: Picking Up the Pieces Edit

Chapter Three: Shards Edit

Appendix: House Rules Edit

Background Information Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

References Edit

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