The Wonder-Work is a term employed by the Mokolé to describe the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, attributed to the Wyrm.


Common knowledge tells that the event happened 65 million years in the past, when an asteroid six miles wide struck the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, leaving a crater more than 100 miles across. The impact — 2 million times more powerful than the biggest bomb mankind has ever ignited — created a storm of hellish proportions that blanketed the atmosphere with super-heated dust, ash, and steam. Bits of the asteroid and the impact crater ricocheted out into space, and were pulled back to earth in a rain of molten burning stone that baked the land and started wildfires across the globe. The sky filled with toxic fumes. Acid rain fell around the world. The dense particulate cover kept sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface. Since the Mnesis does not cover the Wonder-Work, no one can say for sure and even the Mokolé have to rely on geology and palaeontology to learn more.

The Wonder-Work resulted in the mass extinction of the flora and fauna during the time. Some believe that it was a cyclic act of the Wyrm of Balance to allow the Wyld and the Weaver to repopulate the world, others that it was the first sign of the Wyrm's corruption. Some even believe that Gaia had reached down to punish the arrogance of the Lizard Kings. Their descendants would become the Mokolé, with the Ananasi and the Rokea as the sole other Fera that had survived.


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