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Wisps are one of the original five Shades that appeared in Orpheus. They can use thier abilities to extend and strengthen their natural charisma.

Wisps are generally the most extroverted of the Shades, reveling in attention and adoration, and generally take things less seriously than others. They tend to be naturally charming, have an excellent sense of humor, a good sense of showmanship, or all of the above that they use to great effect with their abilities. Typical Natures for Wisps include Bon Vivant, Child, and Conniver.

The name Wisp is based in the tales of the “will-o’-the-wisp,” a sinister light that would lead lost travelers to their doom. The influence of this story is highly reflected in their Manifestation forms and their First-Tier ability, Unearthly Repose.

Because Wisps would rather manipulate others through their own charm and skills, they do not favor the more direct methods of the Skinriders. Therefore, Wisps are banned from taking Skinrider Horrors.

Wisp, unlike many of the other Shades, does not correspond strongly with any one or two Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion; however, Storm-Wending seems to have origins in Argos, and Beckon Relic and Consume in the forbidden art of Flux.

Horrors Edit

First-Tier - Unearthly Repose: A Wisp can force others to follow them by making themselves seem more compelling.

Second-Tier - Storm-Wending: Using this ability, can use tiny cracks in the Stormwall to transport themselves to another location.

Third-Tier - Beckon Relic: With this ability, a Wisp can reach through the Stormwall and summon a relic to them.

Fourth-Tier - Consume: This ability uses the very forces of negation to weaken or completely obliterate an object.

Crucible Horror - Ecstatic Crusade: A group of Wisps can combine their powers to become a ghostly beacon, drawing spirits to their location.

Manifestation Forms Edit

Zero Vitality: A soft glow, similar to the classic will-o’-the-wisp.

One Vitality: A blurry version of their living form.

Two Vitality: Fully human, with an inner light and noticeable grace to their movement.


Orpheus Shades

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