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A Wight is a vampire whose Humanity or Path of Enlightenment has fallen to the rating of 0. They are, for all intents and purposes, the Beast within themselves. A character who has fallen to Wassail can never be saved or again played.


A wight is fundamentally incapable of allying itself with any Kindred save for other wights. A pack of two or more wights is an immediate threat to all Kindred and kine in the city where they are hunting. Even a single wight will often be subject to a blood hunt as soon as its existence is discovered, as it is inherently dangerous both to the Masquerade and to any and all other Kindred — for the wight has no compunctions against diablerie.

As Wights are purely Beasts with no Man to guide them, they cannot use Disciplines that require finesse, patience, or ritual behavior. For example, all forms of blood magic (both paths and rituals) are unusable by wights. Likewise, they are incapable of any form of social interaction other than that which intimidates or causes fear or madness, so Dominate is inaccessible to them, as are most powers of Presence (for instance, they can use Dread Gaze, but not Awe).


The term "wight" is also used as an older term for a mortal.

In Greece, the term vrykolakas (plural vrykolakes) is instead used for vampires with no Humanity.

In Vampire: The Requiem, the term draugr is instead used for vampires who have fully succumbed to the Beast.


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