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Editor: Ken Cliffe
Assistant Editors: Brian Campbell and Robert Hatch
Art Director: Chris McDonough
Layout & Design: Chris McDonough
Marketing Director: Wes Harris
Cover Artist: Jeff Laubenstein
Art Credits: Jeff Laubenstein, Tony Diterlizzi, Andi Jones, Catherine Burnett, Brian LeBlanc, Chen-Jeh Chen and Alan Pollack
Staff Writers: Bill Bridges, Ken Carpenter, Chris W. McCubbin, Lyndi McKeeman, James A. Moore, Ken Rolston, James Trunzo and Travis Williams
Line Reviewers: Gene Alloway, Denys Backriges, Ken Carpenter, Jeff Cisneros, Donnie Collette, Jim Comer, Steve Crow, Christopher Earley, Keith Eisenbies, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jim Foster, Jason Fryer, Matthew Gabbert, Phillip Hessel, David Hicks, Chris Hind, Sean Holland, Perry Holly, Daniel Huber, Matt Jadud, Berin Kinsman, Tony Lee, Wayne Ligon, Angel McCoy, Chris McDonough, Allen Mixson, Kevin Montanaro, Brennan O'Brien, Charles Pierce, Herb Petro, David L. Pulver, Thomas Riccardi, Anthony Ragan, S. John Ross, Mark Rouleau, Mark Santillo, John Setzer and Rich Warren
Editor Hall of Fame: Stewart Wieck
Awesome Baseball Team of All Time: Toronto Blue Jays
Attitude Management: Louvie Lynn Locklear (with Ian Locklear)
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Published: November 1993
Pages: 84
Publication #: WW 00039
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Price: $ 2.10

White Wolf Magazine #39 was published in November 1993. It was the first issue edited by Ken Cliffe.



By Ken Cliffe. What the hell is going on?

From the PackEdit

A few inflammatory missives from irritated readers.

Industry WiredEdit

By Travis Williams. Companies go out on a limb by announcing coming releases.

The White Wolf EACEdit

By Lyndi McKeeman. Lyndi spells out White Wolf's plans for the environment.

Howling at the MoonEdit

By Travis Williams. Word on blacks in roleplaying.

Out of CharacterEdit

By James A. Moore. Discussions with some of media's biggest names, earned or not. This time Mark Rein-Hagen is our victim.

The Powers of the PastEdit

By John W. Vogel. There are places a Traveller just doesn't want to go in The New Era.

Night of RageEdit

By Sam Chupp. There's a new drug on the streets, and Werewolf's Garou aren't happy. Don't eat the Wyrm.

The Things I'll Do for a FriendEdit

Just what games does Stewart Wieck play, and why is he blushing?

Paradox Flawed (a.k.k., "Oops!")Edit

By Phil Brucato. Errata for Mage. Even game wizards (tm) make mistakes.

Law and Wizards in Fantasy RoleplayingEdit

By Steven S. Long. "By the red tape of legal wizardry, I cast you into the pit of bureaucratic despair!"

Featured Review: KultEdit

By Denys Bakriges. Just how dark can a game be?

Tools for the MasqueradeEdit

By Alara Rogers. Is vampirism a medical condition or a Vampire plot?

Treasures from the ArchivesEdit

By Ken Rolston. Ever need ship deck plans to stage a game? Ken helps out with some classics.

Artist SpotlightEdit

Featuring Jeff Laubenstein

The Silicon DungeonEdit

By Jim Trunzo. Better rest now before the Christmas rush.

Capsule ReviewsEdit

It's hard to stay topical with these little buggers.

Legacy Rite, Episode 1 of 6Edit

By Bill Bridges. Check out the Werewolf color comic, scripted by the game's developer.

Top Twenty ListEdit

What sold big last month?

On the HorizonEdit

Dare we plan next issue?

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit



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