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Administrators have the ability to "protect" pages such that they cannot be edited except by other admins. This ability is only to be used in limited circumstances.


The following rules apply to general encyclopedia pages, not to White Wolf Wiki "meta" pages:

  1. Do not edit a protected page
  2. Do not protect a page you have edited
  3. Add a boilerplate message to the top of temporarily protected pages
  4. List pages you protect or unprotect on White Wolf:Protected page

See White Wolf:Protection policy for more detailed advice and the purpose of protected pages.

List of protected pages Edit

If you protect a page, or find a protected page not listed here, please add it to this list. Please also add a short description of ten words or less indicating why you protected it. If you need to say more, discuss on the talk page of the page you protected.

Permanently protected pagesEdit

These pages are permanently protected, primarily to prevent vandalism. Other pages, such as legal policies, are also permanently protected to prevent unauthorized changes from being made to them.

Semi-permanently protected pagesEdit

These pages are protected for the indefinite future, but it is planned (hoped) that they will be unprotected at some point. A specific reason should be given for why the page was protected.

Temporarily protected pagesEdit

These pages are only temporarily protected. A specific reason should be given for why the page was protected.

Unreleased productsEdit

Books which have not been released yet should not be fleshed out until their release date.

Vandal targetsEdit

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