Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is an Outpost within the Hedge. It takes the form of a small brick lighthouse that sits nowhere near an ocean.


The lighthouse pale candle-lit beam (reflected by a bowl of mirrored shards) just barely makes it over the Hedge wall. The five wayward changelings that dwell here — each from the militia group known as Bloody Wing — still don’t know the truth about why they’re stationed at this distant outpost. They were told that something is coming: something big; something terrible; something that’ll eat the whole Hedge up in one brutal gulp. It’s not true.

About 10 years back, their militia group sent them here because these five (well, it was seven — go ahead, ask them about the “accident”) soldiers had gone mad in the line of duty. So, their superiors in Bloody Wing convinced them that it was their job to watch for the mysterious coming evil and act as the first line of defense against it. Zealous and eager, they went in pursuit of a lie, as the story was just to get them out of the way, not to have them serve any kind of function. Curious thing is, the lighthouse was here long before they took ownership of it — but they found it, and made it their settlement. They dwell here, slowly pickling in their own flavors of crazy.

Changelings who come here may become infected by the madness of the unknowingly-exiled Bloody Wing militants. After the first night, changelings will begin to experience hallucinations that suggest something really is coming — shaking of the brush, shadows darting, a great bellowing voice that roars. The one advantage to being here is that the five lunatics train obsessively, and can help teach martial Skills — one dot of Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry can be bought from them at a reduced rate (new dots x 2).