Among the Warrior Caste of the Assamites, the Web of Knives is one of the most iconic organizations, for it generated the stereotype of the deadly assassine that other kindred associate with the Clan. After the Schism, they remained in Alamut in the service of Ur-Shulgi. They are headed by Thetmes.

In 1102 a small band of Warrior Caste assassins challenged the traditional custom of embracing progeny and allowing them to survive or die on their own merit (much like the Gangrel). They recruited the most formidable mortal assassins they could find and imparted accumulated centuries of knowledge and training in order to create soldiers that would serve as Haqims agents when he would return to lead the Jyhad against the other clans. Over the next century or so, this group became the Web of Knives, and their training process became sought after by the elite of the Warrior Caste, who were sent out to bring justice to the kindred and - after the blood curse of the Tremere - gathered vitae for the rest of the clan. The Web of Knives still exists in modern nights, and its members are ranked among the most devoted adherents to the Path of Blood.

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