The Watchtower of the Singing Stone is the Watchtower of the Thyrsus Path.

Like all the other Watchtowers, and, indeed, every other feature of every one of the Supernal Realms, the Watchtower of the Singing Stone’s appearance is fluid at best. This is not to say the tower itself looks flimsy – far from it – but its nature changes often, and according to whoever is looking at it. The most common theme that Thyrsus mages settle on is that the tower is made from black basalt, and ringed with a dense covering of thorns. But beyond this, the consensus as to the nature of the Watchtower ends. Some describe it as a great forearm with a clenched stone fist jutting out of the earth; others say it resembles an enormous phallus. The tower stands on a windswept cliff overlooking the vast oceans of the Primal Wild. At the apex of the tower, inside a stone cavern vaster than is possible for the dimensions of the tower’s highest floors, is a series of paintings depicting every single type of living creature in the world. A mage signs their name with liquid from their own body. After the dense carpet of thorns that must be traversed to climb the tower, blood is hardly sparse and thus is considered a trite offering; spit, phlegm, tears, and sweat function just as well, and fluids associated with the process of reproduction (semen, menstrual fluid) create extremely vivid markings.

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