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The Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn is the watchtower of Arcadia.

It sits at the center of Arcadia and is perhaps the only constant feature to be found there. Sitting in the place of eternal nighttime, lit only by an ever-crescent moon, the watchtower is made of brambles and is always lit by the moonlight shining off the silver thorns and roses that surround it. The interior of the watchtower is a series of chambers, each circular, spiraling upwards and ordered by size, from the largest room at the base of the tower to the smallest at its summit. The features and fixtures of the room change according to whoever is viewing it, depicting scenes from the mage's past, present, and future. It’s the only known structure in Arcadia, though others are theorized to exist.

In previous times, whe there was no Watchtower, mages that awakened to Arcadia instead came upon the Pinnacle, where a single stone brazier kept magical flames with whom the mage scoured his mark into the Arcadian sky.

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