The Code of Horus, also called the Wat Hor, is a collection of commandments of Horus to his followers. It summaries the teachings and experiences of his lifetime and contains all the instructions a newly created Undying was given back in the days of old Khem. The Shemsu-Heru are the most frequent and dedicated followers of the Wat Hor. Horus laid down the Wat Hor when the Shemus-Heru were forced out of Egypt in order to set guidelines for his followers that they would not forsake their duties to Ma'at.

Those who forsake the Code were shunned by the Shemsu-Heru and turned either to Apophis to become Bane mummies or chose to live the eternity as Ishmaelites.


I. I am Horus, your Father, The First-among-Reborn. Heed my words always.
II. Combat the minions of Apophis, in all their diverse forms, at all times, for they are the opponents of Ma'at.
III. Consort not with the Accursed, for they are the brood of Apophis.
IV. Acknowledge your kinship in Ma'at with one another: Never shall one of the Shemsu-Heru turn away another in needs.
V. Let not a mortal worship you, for the time of gods is past, nor let the mortal populace learn from your existence.
VI. Seek not to create others like us.

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