Christof Romuald DC by Night The national mall as seen from the DC by Night cover.
Name: Washington, D.C.
Country: United States of America

Washington, D.C. is the capitol of the United States of America, and serves as a hotspot for all forms of supernatural creatures.

History Edit

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Politics Edit

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Vampires Edit

Since the American Civil War, D.C. was nominally ruled by a Tremere named Marissa. In 1968, however, the warlock was assassinated and her protegé, Marcus Vitel, took her place as Prince of the city. Vitel ruled as one of the Ventrue clan for several decades, gaining a reputation as a stern but fair leader. His reign lasted until the city was invaded by the Sabbat in 1999.

During the struggles, Camarilla operatives discoverd that Vitel was in fact a powerful member of the Lasombra clan, and a double-agent within Camarilla society. But while Vitel was dispatched by a small army of ghouls and noteworthy kindred (such as Jan Pieterzoon, Theo Bell and Christof Romuald), Sascha Vykos had already taken the city and assumed a role as the new Archbishop of Washington.

It is unknown if even a single one of the Cainites of Washington is aware of the presence of the methuselah known as Sybil in the city, not to mention her role in the events that unfolded throughout the history of those lands.

Werewolves Edit


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Geography Edit

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