The War of Enslavement (also named the 10,000 Djinni Plague by mortal scholars) was the conflict between Djinn and humans that ocurred during the reign of Suleiman the Wise. Concerned with the growing numbers of humans and how they played with magicks beyond their comprehension, the Djinn Caliphs decided to invade the world to teach humanity their place. But the attempt horribly backfired on them, as Mages that had learned on the feet of Suleiman used their powerful magic to bind and subjugate the invading djinn. When Suleiman managed to capture Al-Dimiryat, one of the great Caliphs of the djinn, the furious spirits attacked in a desperate frenzy, plundering even those who were innocent in this, such bringing even more mages into Suleiman's fold. In the height of the war, half of all djinnis in existence were bound by mortal wizards and the djinn had lost the strength to continue their supposed culling of the humans.

The result was a bitter hatred of the Djinn against the denizens of the realm of flesh that continues up to date (further enhanced through the humiliating practices of the Taftani) and their following alliance with the Devil Kings.

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