Wah Chun-Yuen




Brujah antitribu




"Gold Pan" Dan


Sabbat, Black Hand


Remover, Dominion

Wah Chun-Yuen is a Remover and Dominion of the Black Hand.


Wah Chun-Yuen came to California from Guangdong province in 1864 to work on the Central Pacific Railroad, leaving his family behind out of simple poverty. After ther ailroad was completed, he didn't have enough money to bring his family voer and began to work in odd jobs in San Francisco. Later, he began to work for the local Tong, in order to escape the extra fee for transferring his wife over to the United States. He was Embraced by a Brujah antitribu during a spate of inter-pack warfare among the anarchs and young Sabbat of California, for his cool head and quick determination. He joined the Seraph Corvus after driving out a Camarilla coterie and was accepted into the retinue of the Seraph. He began to work as a remover, a job he was particulary good at.

Wah has a number of political and personal secrets, but chief among them is his continuing attachment to his mortal family . He keeps in touch with his descendants (usually posing as a cousin or a "son of your father's old friend"), and arranges for opportunities to befall those who particularly impress him.

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