W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow
Authors: Claire Conte, John Mørke, Rebecca Schoen, Leath Sheales, Holden Shearer, John Snead, Stew Wilson
Additional Writing: Matthew Dawkins, Eddy Webb
Developer: Stew Wilson
Consulting Developers: Matthew Dawkins, Luke Parsons
Editor: Carol Darnell
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Art Director: Mike Chaney
Book Design: Aileen E. Miles
Cover Art: Ron Spencer
Interior Art: Chris Bivins, John Bridges, James Denton, Steve Ellis, Jeff Holt, Brian LeBlanc, Eric Lofgren, Borja Puig Linares, Steve Prescott, Jeff Rebner, Ron Spencer, Andrew Trabbold, Tomek Tworek, Cathy Wilkins, Tyler Windham
Special Thanks
Jess “Ninja Editor” Hartley for surviving the Editing Pass of Doom™ and the Changing Breeds Kickstarter and still being willing to tackle the White Howlers.

Matthew “Art Notes Everywhere!” Dawkins and Luke “Just Resting” Parsons for taking a look inside the sausage factory and not turning away in horror.

Sir Frederick Appleton, Dr. Bentley Chism, Mike Dragon’s-Wrath, Jimmy Farrington, David Kaufman, Frédéri Pochard, Ian “The Money Magus” Roberson and Darrien Terrell for a tremendous election campaign for spaces on the Board of Directors.

Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Published: November 12, 2014
Year: 2014
PDF: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: $19.99 PDF/ $29.99 Hardcover

The third iteration of the Book of the Wyrm, the W20 version adds new material such as new and/or revised creatures and spirits to challenge the Garou, including revised and collected info and backstory on such things as Pentex and Black Dog Game Factory.

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