Voudoun Necromancy also referred to as Voodoo in popular culture, is a religion of Wanga and also a style of Necromancy. Its practitioners are known as Houngans.


Voudoun Necromancy is primarily practiced by the Samedi bloodline, a group of Haitian Lasombra and some of the Serpents of the Light (always as an out-of-Clan Discipline). It shares many thematic and stylistic similarities with Wanga. After all, it is the same religion they draw upon, although the two focus upon different aspects in different ways.

In order to practice Voudoun, one has to be mounted by the spirit of Baron Samedi, the chief Loa of death. During the initiation ceremony, the Baron is attracted through food and drink that are offered to him by Houngans that are already initiated. Through ecstatic dances that can span entire nights, the aspiring Houngan is able to be possessed and taught by Baron Samedi. Afterwards, the Baron can visit and possess the Houngan at any time he wishes, picking up a conversation or mocking him as he sees fit. Lesser loa also can visit the Houngan, who is now able to hear their voices.[1]

The relationship between Voudoun Necromancy and Wanga is very much a parallel of that between Necromancy and Thaumaturgy. Where the former focuses purely upon the aspects of death, the latter seeks to embrace all the concepts under the purview of the faith.


The most commonly associated paths with Voudoun Necromancers are the following:

It is possible for a Voudoun Necromancer to incorporate the Paths from Western Necromancy into his own belief system, although they have a greater difficulty when affecting a ghost that acts as a loa-racine (a benevolent Ancestor).


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