Name: Votaries of the Ordained
Nicknames: Rooks
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Fate

The Votaries of the Ordained are a Legacy that is determined to the safeguarding of various relics in order to help them fulfilling their destiny. Most Votaries are well-muscled, large and healthy, with a strong knowledge of how to apply natural forces effectively, though some maintain the sanctity of their charges by utilizing more subtle means.


A person can realize that there is something more important than he, something that must be kept safe for a fate that may not be known but must be protected. When this occurs, when a person understands it in his essence, he can do nothing less than dedicate the entirety of her life to safeguarding that fate, ensuring that the required event takes place. Mages, privy as they are to the very threads that compose all creation, are better able to take this view than most mortals. With the ability to ascertain the ultimate fate of a person or object with little chance of error, they cannot be fooled by empty promises or false appearances. Only a true destiny - or one cleverly disguised - warrants the full devotion of a mage. But even with this Awakened perspective, alerting the mages to the relative importance of different people, places, and things, there are few mages willing to divorce themselves from their other desires and ambitions in order to spend their lives defending destiny. Mages have the power within them to forge their own destinies, and it is a difficult choice to completely suborn such an unwritten fate to the needs of the Fallen World.

Those few mages who make that choice are the unsung heroes of Awakened society. They give up their freedom and choose to be forever at the whim of others' destinies. Some stewardships pass without incidence, and the Votary moves on to another charge once the first charge meets its fate. Many Votaries of the Ordained are less fortunate. Because the things and people they guard are those that will, at some point, have an important and significant impact on the world, it is not uncommon for others to seek out these charges and tamper with their destinies in an attempt to manipulate the future to their own benefit.

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