The Vlaszy were a medieval Revenant family of knights and cavaliers in the service of the Tzimisce.


From Magyar and Slav heritage, the Vlaszy served their Tzimisce masters willingly, entering the Blood Bond to repay a great service done by the Clan to the family. As such, honor and obligation were paramount among their ranks and they looked down on their incestuous brethren, especially the Bratovitch.

Every Vlaszy was trained in horsemanship, statesmanship, warcraft and other courtly skills from a young age and many Tzimisce Elder preferred them as their champions and messengers. In the Anarch Revolt, the Vlaszy sided with the Elders against their rebellious childer. The resulting battles butchered the Vlaszy down to the last descendant and in the Modern Nights, they have completely vanished.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Family Disciplines: Potence, Presence, Animalism.

Weakness: Each Vlaszy had to undertake a Blood Oath to his Tzimisce overlord upon adolescence.


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