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Each Scion has has four Virtues that represent their core values. Which four is dependent upon their Pantheon. While Nature represents a Scion's personality and world-view, Virtues represent their morality and values. As a result, their Nature and Virtues can sometimes come into conflict. In addition, whenever a Scion tries to suppress a Virtue and generates more successes than the Scion has temporary Willpower the Scion suffers a Virtue Extremity lasting as long as a scene to several days depending upon the Virtue. This means the character acts out this Extremity for the duration regardless of circumstances or consequences.

List of VirtuesEdit

  • Conviction: Selfless devotion to a cause.
    • Extremity: Fanatic Zeal.
  • Courage: Stand up to powerful foes.
    • Extremity: Beserker Fury.
  • Duty: Serve the community.
    • Extremity: Morbid Self-Sacrifice.
  • Endurance: Withstand hardship.
    • Extremity: Self-Destruction.
  • Expression: Make something to inspire.
    • Extremity: Visceral Shock.
  • Harmony: Put everything in its place.
    • Extremity: Tyranny of Balance.
  • Intellect: Knowledge is power.
    • Extremity: Obsessive Analysis.
  • Loyalty: Support an ally, no matter what.
    • Extremity: Blind Devotion.
  • Order: The Law is the Law.
    • Extremity: Summary Judgment.
  • Piety: What Would Odin Do?
    • Extremity: Self-Righteousness.
  • Valor: Defend those in need.
    • Extremity: Valorous Sacrifice.
  • Vengeance: Punish the wicked.
    • Extremity: Implaccable Nemesis.


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