Mistress of Gargoyles

Virstania was the Mistress of Gargoyles among the clan Tremere. She helped them to revolt.


Virstania was the youngest apprentice in the Tremere order to earn the rank of mage. But because she was so young she was not able to form friendships with the other magi, who saw her more as a curiosity than a colleague. Instead she turned to creating her own companions and made several constructs she kept as pets.

After one of them escaped her lair and caused a stir in the servant girls quarters. Goratrix found the creature and believed Virstania was ripe to aid him in his next project. Virstania was Embraced and after a year of tutoring at Goratrix’s side, she was put to work hatching the first of the Gargoyles. She bathed them in unwavering love and they responded to her as baby chicks to their mother.

When Goratrix was exiled to Paris in 1133, Virstania felt she had lost her only friend. She retreated to a cave near Ceoris and continued her work to perfect the Gargoyle race. As the years passed, Virstania has come to care more for her creations than her fellow Tremere. She hoped to someday make them an independent race of their own, one that both magi and Kindred will fear.

When the Gargoyles finally went rogue during the Anarch Revolt, she led her "children" in a revolt in Ceoris, and acted as a teacher of Thaumaturgy who cared for their needs. The Gargoyles slew many Tremere, and Virstania committed diablerie on Ceoris's castellan, Curaferrum. Those events left Ceoris damaged and compromised and eventually the clan was forced to move their base of operations (and Tremere's haven) to Etrius' chantry in Vienna.

Character SheetEdit

Virstania, Mother of Gargoyles[1]

Sire: Brunavog
Nature: Fanatic
Demeanor: Innovator
Generation: 8th
Embrace: 1111
Apparent Age: Mid 30′s



  1. VTDA: House of Tremere, p. 92-93.

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