Violents is the Ogre bodyguard to the Hobgoblin known as Ambrosia.


Violents was the first changeling to fall victim to Ambrosia’s charms and has been completely enslaved to her. Ambrosia found Violents stumbling through the Hedge, freshly escaped from Arcadia. At first, the Ogre thought to attack her, but he was unable to bring himself to bruise her comely flesh. Ambrosia took him into her Hollow, cared for his wounds and, when he had recovered, into her bed. Since that moment he has been her most devoted subject. Should someone try to attack her, she relies on Violents to act as rear-guard while she beats a hasty retreat.


Drunk on Passion: Violents is compelled to act in accordance to Ambrosia's wishes. Anytime one of them wishes to act against the desires of Ambrosia, he must spend a point of Willpower to do so. This effect seems permanent.

Cold Iron Defense: Violents always carries a pair of cold iron daggers and will not hesitate to use them to protect his beloved. Violents attacks with a pool of 10 dice with the daggers.

Perfect Slave: Violents is so devoted to his mistress that it’s exceedingly difficult to influence his actions in her regard by magic or force. Violents has a pool of 8 dice to resist magical compulsions to betray Ambrosia and has an effective Defense of 6 (not negated by ranged attacks) when protecting her from harm.


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