Vidod the Monger is one of the Onceborn Malfeans who appears in Orpheus. He is essentially the ruler of the New York City Necropolis following the Sixth Great Maelstrom; this gives him the unique position of also being in control of the only known surviving Necropolis.

Vidod, who resembles a hideous and enormous insect-human hybrid, makes his home in Grand Central Station, towards the center of the massive Jumble. He has transformed the inside into a massive vault full of rare treasures he has scavenged or had others scavenge from the Shadowlands. Vidod can be bargained with for his wares, but it usually costs the interested party something they must think long and hard with before parting, be it memories of a loved one to their living body. Vidod almost always gets the better end of the deal, but as Grandmother draws closer to consuming everything, many would take the risk in order to save the Underworld and the Skinlands.

Vidod's motivation for taking over New York was not to rule over the ghosts, but to master the puzzling soul tornado that was somehow created in the Empire State Building.


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