1950 CE








Clan Tremere

Victor is an agent of the Tremere that travels to various chantries to ensure their protection.


A decorated soldier during World War II, Victor came to work for the CIA as an assassin. During one of his missions, he infiltrated a Greek castle, where he was to assassinate a duke that had stirred up sentiments against the United States. When he entered his bedchamber and checked the sleeping man, he found that he breathed wrong. After a short wrestle, the Duke had to use Dominate to subdue Victor and then Embraced him.

To this night, Victor does not know who sent him against Traska. He suspects that whomever set him up knew that he would not be able to destroy the undead Duke. When taken to Vienna, Victor showed little natural aptitude for Thaumaturgy. His superiors, however, did not seem to mind, leading Victor to believe that he was Embraced for a specific purpose. This was revealed when he lead a squad of Ducheski revenants and ghouls against a Sabbat pack that had taken up residence near a chantry. The local Regent explained to him that the Tremere had lost some of their warrior spirit that aided them in the early days of the Clan. Traska, and a few other loyal Tremere, had been tasked with seeking out experienced fighters for the modern age, and Victor was one of several ex-military candidates selected to shore up the Tremere’s combat capabilities.

Victor travels around the world, testing the security systems of chantries against weaknesses, and occasionally acting as an assassin. He is an advocate of high-tech security systems and well-trained ghouls, and often requests custom built traps from the engineers of the Ducheski to fortify locations important to the Clan. Recently, his travels have brought him to Milwaukee, where he is to investigate the strange events that have taken place there. His secret ambition is to one day become Justicar, although he knows that this might take decades.


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