Rage card depicting a Vhujunka.


Illustration of a Vhujunka from Book of the Wyrm, 2nd edition.

The Vhujunka are a race of eyeless humanoid creatures who live far below the surface of the Earth. Their goals are unknown, but they apparently serve the interests of the Wyrm. Their logic defies mortal reason and they seem to have developed a strange technology that is completely alien to modern humans.

Even the Black Spiral Dancers, masters of the underground tunnels, know almost nothing about them and everyone who tries to follow or contact them is dragged down into their mysterious cities and is never seen again. The Vhujunka appear to prefer working efficient and silent, the result is that only few Garou have ever heard of them.

The Vhujunka apparently compel many Banes into their service and are known to create their own fomori.


From afar, Vhujunka could be assumed to be a tall, robed human, but when people recognize the purplish skin, the many-fingered hands, the eyeless faces and the great fanged mouths, any resemblance to a human is gone. Beneath their robes are three large orifices, one on the back, and two that reach from the sides to the front. These orifices can be opened to reveal a large yellowish viscous blob of luminescent protoplasm. The Vhujunka excrete this substance naturally, and use it as their primary energy source. It gives off light, it may be reingested, and it may be used as a tool or weapon. The Vhujunka are able to control the substance as if it was ectoplasm, using it to create pseudopodia which can be altered into any number of shapes and sizes. They generally orient themselves with psychic powers.


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