Vermundo de Sancha


- Doctor of Pain

- El Torcedor








Efraín Sortano


Yoel Rosen



Vermundo de Sancha is a 10th generation Tzimisce resident of Mexico City.


Dr. Vermundo de Sancha was a professor of a medical university in Mexico, unaware that his lectures on vivisection and anatomy were being heard by more than just his students. The Metamorphosist elder Efraín Sortano, called "the Zookeeper" by younger Sabbat of Mexico City, was fascinated with the Doctor’s work. The Zookeeper eventually made Dr. de Sancha his ghoul in order to preserve the brilliant mind of the professor and to learn aspects of modern medicine. Unfortunately, the stress of serving the Tzimisce elder broke parts of the doctor’s mind, and his colleagues discovered him performing unnecessary procedures and giving lectures to animals.

Sortano had hoped that the doctor would explore the Path of Metamorphosis and expand his research, but after his induction into the Sabbat and a time of reflection, that was not the enlightenment de Sancha felt was his calling. He found the Path of Death and the Soul aligned with his work. He spends his nights in a quest to understand how pain affects the minds of his mortal and vampiric subjects. He offers great rewards for those who bring him new subjects to study; currently he is most interested in comparing how different supernatural creatures react to his methodology.

Vermundo has attained great renown as an interrogator among the Sabbat. The Black Hand has attempted to recruit the doctor more than once, yet he always politely refuses. His work is his passion, though he is loyal enough to the Sabbat to assist when his services are needed. His closest ally in the city is Bishop Isidro de Saldanha, a Lasombra tasked with the never-ending job of keeping the Sabbat’s nightly activities from drawing too much attention from the mortal authorities. While the doctor no longer practices medicine, he has enough knowledge of, and connections to the medical community to assist the Bishop in forging medical examiner reports and disposing of bodies when needed. This has earned the doctor more than a little status among the Sabbat leadership, the better to continue his research.

De Sancha is very dedicated to his duties as a doctor. Persons that enter his lab willingly can expect to leave healthy and whole, since the doctor thinks of them as patients that are his wards under the Hippocratic Oath. He frowns upon the excessive alterations that some of his clanmembers undertake, preferring to present himself without any fleshcrafted features. Along with his sire, he hosts the Universidad de Noche, a forum for scientific interested vampires that accepts guest hearers.

Character Sheet Edit

Dr. Vermundo de Sancha
Clan: Tzimisce
Generation: 10th
Sire: Efrain Sortano
Embraced: 1943



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