A Verge is a place where the Gauntlet has given way to a portal into the Shadow Realm. Some verges are one-way: Spirits can come in to the physical world from the Shadow, or humans can enter the Shadow from the physical world. Others open both ways, allowing for entities to cross freely between the two frequencies of reality. Other Verges are "keyed" to a certain circumstances that open them, while others remain open for an indefinite period of time.

Verges are also rumored to harbour gateways into the spiritual dimension of the Gauntlet. Vergelings and similar inhabitants of the diaphanous realm of the Gauntlet are frail, amoeba-like creatures that feed from the energies of the physical and the spiritual, allowing them to take a material form within the Verge. As soon as these beings are removed from a Verge, they die.


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