Assamite antitribu




Sabbat, Black Hand

Veradis was an Assamite antitribu that contributed greatly to the development of the Path of Caine.

One of the original warriors of Clan Asamite in the Anarch Revolt and a member of the Lost Tribe, Veradis was shocked and disgusted when she learned that Alamut would bend knee before the Blood Curse and the Camarilla. In his anger, she cut away her ties with the Clan and joined the first Sabbat packs. Veradis also became one of the first agents of the reformed Black Hand, the sub-sect within the Sabbat that evolved from the former Lost Tribe. As she was well-versed in the doctrines of Alamut and the Lost Tribe, her knowledge of Noddism made her one of the teachers in the Black Monastery.

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