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Name: Ventrue
Plural: Ventrue
Pronunciation: ven'-troo
Nicknames: Lords
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience

Lords and Masters of the Kindred, the Ventrue are the Kindred's most fervent social climbers, frequently seen at Elysium vying with one another to rise to the top of the pyramid. Regal, commanding and aristocratic, yet also prone to falling into madness, this clan gives rise to legends of Damned Lords and rulers in isolated, lofty castles. Ventrue are masters of Dominate, the Kindred Discipline of mental subjugation. They are sometimes called Lords. [1]

Background info Edit

  • Regarding the new symbol introduced in the clan book, Craig S. Grant said:
Yes, the idea is to take the present symbols and make them more iconic.

I wouldn't say we are replacing them. Just offering a different take on them. For example, the older symbol for Ventrue may be used in something like a tapestry, whereas the new one may be used in a signet ring.

I'm glad you like them, I think Rich, as usual, did a great job on them.

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References Edit

  1. VTR: Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, p 112

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