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Venere Carboni is a Toreador antitribu and one of the Prisci of the Mexico City Sabbat. He is one contender for the position of Regent, representing the Status Quo.


Venere was embraced not long after the Anarch Revolt, in the decades when scattered bands of anarchs swore blood-pacts to each other and defined themselves as Sabbat. Venere was originally a wandering troubadour who cooperated with a band of brigands to assault merchants. When the brigands met one of these early Sabbat packs, Venere was the only survivor, chosen because the Toreador of the pack liked his music.

Over the centuries Venere rose through the Sabbat's ranks until he became a Priscus in the late nineteenth century. He moved from Italy to Mexico so he could watch the revolution. There, he was part of the coalition that supported Melinda Galbraith's bid for regency. Under Galbraith, his task was to keep the loyalty of his co-coalitioners secure. Before the Consistory, Venere represented himself as an advocate of the smaller lineages within the Sabbat, seeking to topple the Lasombra-Tzimisce duopoly.

Venere is well received among the Sabbat of Mexico City for funding the popular Cainite bullfights and wrestling spectacles in an abandoned factory. He entertains embassies to several high-ranking antitribu around the globe and a master musician thanks to centuries of practice. Venere sees himself as the natural successor to Galbraith and seeks to attain the position by strengthening his bonds with the outer Sabbat packs.

He appears as a pale young man with mouse brown hair, a sparse mustache and fringe of a beard and a narrow, mobile face. He usually dresses in jeans and a t-shirt or his mariachi costume. Venere stands 5'8" tall.

Character SheetEdit

Venere Carboni, the Demon Maestro
Sire: Malabranca
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Gallant
Generation: 7th
Embrace: 1530′s
Apparent Age: Mid 20′s



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