Veles is a major Slavic supernatural force of earth, waters and the underworld, associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, wealth and trickery. He is the opponent of the Supreme thunder-god Perun, and the battle between two of them constitutes one of the most important myths of Slavic mythology.

He is worshiped by a priesthood of Cainites known as the Cult of Veles.


Veles is the god of the Underworld, magic and hunt, of horned animals and also of trade and oaths. He sometimes wears the head of a wolf; sometimes the horns of a stag, ram or bull; and yet in other occasions he appears as a great water-serpent. He is hunter and prey in one. The followers of the Cult believe that the Baltic god Velnias and the Norse god Odin are echoes of Veles (in fact, priests of Veles often treat the Einherjar as a lost outgrowth of their faith).

In the British Isles, Hu Gadarn, Gwynn ap Nuad and Herne the Hunter were masters of wild; in Gaul, Dispater and Cernunnos; in the Mediterranean, Pan and Faunus. Wherever they went, Veles' chosen found new cults, taking on the local names and folkways. Their traditions mingled - not always easily - with those already established by the natives.

During the Dark Ages, the Christianization of the pagans identified Veles with St. Blas, and appealed to him to protect their herds and flocks. Other now equate him with the Devil.


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