Veil is a term that refers to the tenet in Garou culture that ordinary humans are not to know that the Garou exist.


Among werewolves the "Veil" is poetic term for the false assumption that the supernatural does not exist in the Classic World of Darkness, which the Delirium reinforces. The Veil was formally instituted through the Concord of 9.000 years ago, which ended the Impergium. The Litany states clearly that "The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted".

The Veil is similar to the concept of the Masquerade among Kindred and Consensus among the Mages. Delirium helps in keeping the Veil in place. Harming or rending the Veil means a great loss of honor among the garou, while repairing the Veil means the opposite.



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