Vassago, the Seer of Scorn, is a demon of envy.


Vassago was called from Hell by an insane Jainist cult in Golconda, India, and bound into a massive diamond of unparalleled value. From this glittering prison, he led his Saffron Eater cult to prosperity and power over their neighbors in the Chalukyas region. But Jainism began to wane, battered on three sides by Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, and the cult’s power dwindled.

In an attempt to rekindle his power base beyond Golconda, Vassago ordered his cult to cut away fragments of his diamond reliquary, which he imbued with his own dread power. Cultists transported many of the fragments out of India and into Asia Minor; over the course of centuries, they were bought and sold and traded, finding their way into the treasure houses of kings and popes. Each fragment is a conduit to Vassago’s spirit, allowing him to perceive and manipulate mortals in the diamond’s presence. Many have been set into jewelry, rings and crowns worn by wealthy and powerful mortals, who hear the whispers and temptations of Vassago in their dreams and nightmares.

Vassago is a demon of envy, who takes a sick joy in seeing the dreams and hopes of mortals turn to ashes and wormwood. His powers are subtler than those of many other demons, but no less effective despite the lack of bloody, flaming spectacle. He has the power to foresee the future, in rough terms, and can perceive the fates and destinies of mortals (and how to prevent such destinies from being realized). He has power over dreams and nightmares, visions and portents; he can read the thoughts and memories of mortals, and plague them with curses of misfortune and madness.

Hunter: Fall From GraceEdit

Vassago has made pacts with two of the imbued in his quest to understand and corrupt them. The female imbued who Vassago uses here is Leaf Pankowski (Potter116), the second of the two "infernal" hunters he has claimed; his unlikely redemption from love does eventually occur after a fashion, as seen in World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.


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