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Varna is a term used by the Mokolé to describe the species of reptile into which an individual Mokolé can transform in his Suchid form, and produce offspring with.


Mokolé-Mbembe Varnas

-Halpatee: American alligators
-Piasa: American crocodiles
-Unktehi: Gila monsters and Mexican beaded lizards, the smallest of all the Mokolé
-Champsa: Nile crocodiles
-Sytra: Caimans

Gumagan Varnas

-Ora: Monitor lizards, such as the perenty, and goanna
-Karna: Saltwater crocodile

Makara Varnas

-Makara: Mugger crocodiles
-Karna: Saltwater crocodiles
-Gharial: Gavials

Zhong-Lung Varnas

-Karna: Saltwater crocodiles
-Lung: Chinese alligators
-Ora: Monitor lizards, particularly the Komodo dragon

Vanished Varna

-Ao: turtles and tortoises.


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