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Written by: Matt McFarland
Additional Material by: Russell Bailey
World of Darkness created by Mark Rein•Hagen
Developer: Eddy Webb
Editor: Genevieve Podleski
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Book Design: Jessica Mullins
Layout: Jessica Mullins
Interior Art: Lucas Graciano, Jacob Masbruch, Rich Pellegrino, Dave Rapoza, Andrew Trabbold
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: November 26, 2010
Pages: 50
Year: 2010 (CofD)/2010 (cWOD)
Publication #: WW 25603
PDF: Bullet-pdf.png Bullet-nip
Price: $12.99
PDF: $3.99

The Vampire Translation Guide is a sourcebook for both Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem. It is designed to bring core elements from one game into the other, and vice-versa.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path catalog:

Have you always wanted to include the Ravnos into your Requiem game? Or perhaps the Invictus into your Masquerade game? This guide will help you translate the feel and core elements from each version of Vampire into the other game system and background.

This book includes:

  • Translations of all of the clans between versions of Vampire
  • Suggestions and ideas on how to use certain rules and setting elements in each version of the game
  • Key Disciplines converted for use into the opposite game system
A copy of VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, the CofD: World of Darkness Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, and VTR: Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip are all recommended for use with this product.

Masquerade vs. Requiem Edit

Clans Edit

Sects and Covenants Edit

Disciplines Edit

Traits and Systems Edit

Character Conversion Edit

Background Informatio nEdit

Memorable Quotes Edit

Characters Edit

References Edit

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