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Written by: Graeme Davis
Development: Andrew Greenberg
Editing: Alara Rogers
Design Contributors: Sam Chupp, Andrew Greenberg
Art: Josh Timbrook
Layout Design: Sam Chupp, Chris McDonough
Cover Concept:
Cover Photograph:
A special thanks to the following:
Publisher: White Wolf
Imprint: White Wolf
Pages: 16
Publication #: WW 02003
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-055-4

This screen is the perfect tool to help a storyteller in the course of a chronicle. It has easy to read charts to reference while running an adventure. It also includes a booklette of potential Contacts, Victims, and/ or Retainers that can be used during the course of an adventure.


Penelope Attwood - Professor

Marcus Cutley - Lawyer

Dubarry - Madame

Janet Grover - Bank Clerk

Hog - Biker

Bubatis Jackson - Jewel Thief

Victor Kemp - Executive

Danny Mascarpone - Mobster

Jake Matheson - SWAT Officer

Elaine McGough - Artist

Sean Molloy - Beat Cop

Father Montoya - Priest

Letitia Morgan - Editor of Occult Journal

Dan Morton - FBI Agent

Max Nilsen - Bodyguard

Packrat - Hacker

Margie Ramos - Homicide Detective

Sophie Rillington - Socialite

Earl Rogers - Vice Cop

Bart Seager - Special Forces

Maxine Webber - Paramedic

Winston - Crazy Street Bum

Janet Winters - Reporter

Minor CharactersEdit

These characters are mentioned in descriptions of the Contacts and Victims yet are not mentioned in any other source.

Chamozel - Egyptian Ventrue

Celeste - Toreador owner of Corday Records

Tezcatlipoca - Ancient Malkavian

Jonathan - Malkavian Elder Actor/Director

Tiberius - Unknown Clan

Cawthorne - Unknown Clan

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