Written by: Andrew Greenberg
Development: Mark Rein•Hagen
Editing: Lisa Stevens
Cartography: Margaux Schaffer
Layout Design: Nicole Lindroos
Publisher: White Wolf
Imprint: White Wolf
Published: 1991
Pages: 16
Year: 1991
Publication #: WW 02001
Reference #: ISBN 0-9627790-9-1

The Vampire Storyteller's Screen is a Storyteller resource for the first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade.

Summary Edit

The Vampire Storyteller's Screen is a helpful quick guide for Storytellers of the Vampire: The Masquerade Storyteller System. It contains helpful charts that were printed in the core rulebook for easy access.

Blood at Dawn Edit

Included in the Vampire Storyteller's Screen is a one chapter story that could be used as part of the Forged in Steel Chronicle. It was meant to be played with two to five Kindred players and intended to be a story of terror and suspense, created by the introduction of an unseen and nearly indestructible adversary.

The Plot Edit

The story is set in four scenes.

Scene 1 Edit

Allicia has invited people to an auction of The Torch, one of the best known strip clubs of Gary, Indiana and one of the area's prime hunting grounds. The price is whomever can make the best offer on how they can aid her in the future.

Suddenly, during the middle of the bidding, one of Allicia's retainers discovers a body drained of all blood in the alley behind the club. Allicia angrily orders that the body be disposed of and the players will have limited time and opportunity to do so before the police arrive on the scene. Lucian and an ally of his are also at the auction and want no interaction with the police, so they leave.

Scene 2 Edit

The players must get rid of or hide the body quickly as within moments the police will arrive on the scene, with the press following close behind. During this scene, whether the body is found or not, it will disappear from where it is hidden or police custody.

Scene 3 Edit

The players meet a Malkavian named Raymond Falcon who will give more information about what is going on if the characters ask the right questions.

Scene 4 Edit

As dawn nears, the body reappears sneaking around the club and attacks the players. It is being inhabited by a spirit that was summoned by a Mage who promised it an immortal form to posses in exchange for revenge against Allicia.

Appendix Edit

The appendix gives information about the creation of spirit bags, foci that help summon and control spirits.

Memorable Quotes Edit


  • Allicia - Owner of the Torch, a Gary Strip Club
  • Victor - Manager of the Torch and Ghoul to Allicia.
  • Lucian - Gangrel Elder at the auction for the Torch.
  • Claudette Malfet - Caitiff ally of Lucian
  • Fred Burmle - Homeless Bum
  • William Shepard - A special agent who becomes involved in the case after hearing about a body behind The Torch on his police radio, which he long suspected was a Vampire hotspot.
  • Raymond Falcon - Malkavian with multiple personality disorder.
  • Glasyabolas - Spirit summoned to enact revenge on Allicia.
  • John Wierus - Mage who is out for revenge against Allicia.

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