Written by: Greg Stolze
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing
Published: December 13, 2004
Pages: 111
Year: 2004
PDF: Bullet-fiction
Price: PDF: $6.99

A Hunger Like Fire (Vampire: The Requiem Novel #1) is a Vampire: The Requiem novel.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

The Hunger for Blood
Persephone Moore has it all — looks, brains, ambition and an unquenchable hunger for the blood of the living. In this first novel for Vampire: The Requiem, join the danse macabre of Chicago’s undead. Persephone sees the city as a banquet and opportunity, but with every night she feels herself grow a little colder, a little more monstrous. How long will it be before her hunger consumes her completely?

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Persephone Moore

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