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Camarilla Edition was the fourth Vampire: The Eternal Struggle set to be published by White Wolf, and was the first full standalone edition of the game since the original Jyhad/V:TES edition of the game was published by Wizards of the Coast. CE has since been reckoned as the "Second Edition" of the game, thanks to the release of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Third Edition.

As the name implies, Camarilla Edition was the first V:TES expansion set to focus primarily on the clans and Kindred of the Camarilla. Most of the new cards introduced in this set are crypt cards (vampires), and are drawn from a variety of Vampire: The Masquerade sources, primarily Children of the Night and the various "by Night" city sourcebooks. The complete set of these 100 new crypt cards was later reprinted as the Blood Shadowed Court expansion set.

Card listEdit

New cardsEdit

A: Abandoning the Flesh; Adelaide Davis; Alan Sovereign; Alejandro Aguirre; Alfred Benezri; Allison Maller; Almiro Suarez; Alonzo Guillen; Amelia, The Blood Red Tears; Anastasz di Zagreb; Annabelle Triabell; Antoinette, She Who Watches; Antonio Veradas; Arnold Simpson
B: Baltimore Purge; Barth; Bounty; Brothers Grimm
C: Carna, The Princess Witch; Casino Reeds; Catherine du Bois; Cock Robin; Cohn Rose; Creamy Jade
D: Darva Felispa; David Morgan, The Scourge; Diana Vick; Dr. Douglas Netchurch
E: Earl; Edith Blount; Edward Neally; Edward Vignes; Ehrich Weiss; Elena Gutierrez; Elisabetta Romano; Ellison Humboldt; Emerson Wilkershire III; Enid Blount; Erichtho; Esau; Eugenio Estevez; Evan Klein
F: Fleurdumal; Forgery
G: Gemini; Gengis; Gerard Rafin; Gracis Nostinus; Gregory Winter
H: Harass; Helena; High Ground; Horatio Ballard; Hrothulf
I: Ilyana Ravidovich; Ira Rivers
J: Jara Drory; Jaroslav Pascek; Jason, The World's Voice; Jeremy MacNeil; Joaquin Murietta; Joshua Tarnopolski; J. Oswald "Ozzy" Hyde-White; Julio Martinez
K: Katarina Kornfeld; Khalid; Krid; Kurt Densch; Kyoko Shinsegawa
L: Lana Butcher; Lille Haake; Lucas Halton; Lucina; Lucinde, Alastor
M: Madame Guil; Maris Streck; Marlena; Masika St. John; Maxwell; Mazz; Menele; Milo, The Invisible Horror; Mouse
O: Oliver Thrace
P: Persia, The Beautiful Statue; Pieter van Dorn; Pug Jackson
Q: Quentin King III
R: Rachel Brandywine; The Rose; Ruth McGinley
S: Scrounging; Sébastian Goulet; Secret Passage; Sir Henry Johnson; Sir Ralph Hamilton; Special Report; Steve Booth; Suzanne Kadim
T: Tammy Walenski; Tayshawn Kearns; Tension in the Ranks; Tobias Smith; Tony; Tyler
U: Uncle George
V: Valois Sang, The Watcher; Victorine Lafourcade; Virstania, The Great Mother
W: Weighted Walking Stick; William Biltmore; Will of the Council; Wolfgang
Y: Yvette, The Hopeless
Z: Zoning Board


0-A: .44 Magnum; Aaron's Feeding Razor; Absolution of the Diabolist; Academic Hunting Ground; Aching Beauty; Acrobatics; Aid from Bats; Aire of Elation; Aisling Sturbridge; Akram; Alacrity; Alexandra; Al's Army Apparatus; Amadeo; Amaranth; Anarch Revolt; Anarch Troublemaker; Anathema; Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna; Ancient Influence; Ancilla Empowerment; Animalism; The Ankara Citadel, Turkey; Apportation; Arcane Library; Arcanum Chapterhouse, Alexandria; Archon; Archon Investigation; Arika; Arms Dealer; Army of Rats; Arson; Art Museum; Ascendance; Assault Rifle; Asylum Hunting Ground; Aura Reading; Auspex; Autarkis Persecution; Awe
B: Bang Nakh - Tiger's Claws; Banishment; The Barrens; Behind You!; Bewitching Oration; Bindusara, Historian of the Kindred; Blessing of Chaos; Blood Doll; Blood Fury; Blood Hunt; Blood Puppy; Blood Rage; Blood to Water; Blur; Blythe Candeleria; Bomb; Bonding; Boxed In; Brachah; Brainwash; Brass Knuckles; Bribes; Brujah Justicar; Bum's Rush; Bureaucratic Overload; Burning Wrath; Burst of Sunlight
C: Cairo Int'l Airport; Calebros, The Martyr; Camarilla Exemplary; Canine Horde; Carrion Crows; Carthage Remembered; Catatonic Fear; Cat Burglary; Cats' Guidance; Cauldron of Blood; Celerity; Change of Target; Chantry; Charming Lobby; Charnas the Imp; Clan Impersonation; Cloak the Gathering; Closed Session; Coma; Command of the Harpies; Computer Hacking; Concealed Weapon; Conditioning; Confusion; Consanguineous Boon; Conservative Agitation; Constanza Vinti; Cornelius Ottavio; Corpse Minion; Cryptic Mission; Cryptic Rider
D: Daliyah; Damaskenos, Herald of Leandro; Dawn Operation; Day Operation; Dead-End Alley; Deer Rifle; Deflection; Delaying Targets; Dementation; Derange; Disarm; Disarming Presence; Disguised Weapon; Disputed Territory; Distraction; Dodge; Domain Challenge; Dominate; Dominate Kine; Dónal O'Connor; Dragon's Breath Rounds; Drain Essence; Dramatic Upheaval; Drawing Out the Beast; Dread Gaze
E: Eagle's Sight; Effective Management; Elder Impersonation; Elder Intervention; Elder Kindred Network; Elder Library; Elysium: The Arboretum; Elysium: The Palace of Versailles; The Embrace; Enchant Kindred; Enhanced Senses; Entrancement; Etrius; Eyes of Chaos
F: Faceless Night; Fake Out; Fame; Fast Hands; Fast Reaction; Fear of Mekhet; Fifth Tradition: Hospitality; First Tradition: The Masquerade; Fists of Death; Flak Jacket; Flamethrower; Flash; Forced Awakening; Forest of Shadows; Forgotten Labyrinth; Fortitude; Fourth Tradition: the Accounting; Fractured Armament; Fragment of the Book of Nod; François Villon; Freak Drive; Frenzy
G: Game of Malkav; Gas-Powered Chainsaw; Ghoul Retainer; Giant's Blood; Gird Minions; Glaser Rounds; Golconda: Inner Peace; Govern the Unaligned; Graverobbing; Greger Anderssen; Grenade; Guard Dogs; Gwendolyn
H: Harrod; The Haunting; Haven Uncovered; Hawg; Hidden Lurker; Hidden Strength; Hostile Takeover
I: Illegal Search and Seizure; Immortal Grapple; Increased Strength; Indomintability; Infernal Familiar; Infernal Pursuit; Information Highway; Intimidation; IR Goggles; Isabel de Leon; Island of Yiaros; Itzahk Levine; Ivory Bow
J: Jackie Therman; Jan Pieterzoon; Javier Montoya; J. S. Simmons, Esq.; Judah; Judgment: Camarilla Segregation; Justicar Retribution
K: Kindred Coercion; Kindred Intelligence; Kindred Restructure; Kindred Segregation; Kindred Society Games; Kindred Spirits; Kine Resources Contested; The Kiss of Ra; Klaus van der Veken; The Knights; KRCG News Radio
L: The Labyrinth; Laptop Computer; Laurent de Valois; Leandro; Leather Jacket; Legal Manipulations; Lextalionis; Life Boon; Lost in Crowds; The Louvre, Paris; Loyal Street Gang; Lucky Blow
M: Madness Network; Magic of the Smith; Majesty; Major Boon; Makarios, The Seducer; Malkavian Justicar; Malkavian Prank; Malkavian Rider Clause; Manstopper Rounds; Marcellus; Marcus Vitel; Marijava Ghoul; Marked Path; Mask of a Thousand Faces; Masquerade Endangered; Masquerade Enforcement; Meat Cleaver; Memories of Mortality; Metro Underground; Mighty Grapple; Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter; Mind Numb; Mind of a Child; Mind Tricks; Minion Tap; Minor Boon; Misdirection; Mob Connections; Monocle of Clarity; Mr. Winthrop; Muaziz, Archon of Ulugh Beg; Muddled Vampire Hunter; Murat; Murder of Crows; Mustafa Rahman
N: Nakova, Advocate of Golconda; Night Moves; Nikolaus Vermeulen; Nimble Feet; Nosferatu Justicar; Nosferatu Performance Art
O: Obedience; Obfuscate; Of Noble Blood; Ohanna; Owl Companion; Oxford University, England
P: Parity Shift; Patagia: Flaps Allowing Limited Flight; Peace Treaty; Personal Scourge; Political Ally; Political Backlash; Political Flux; The Portrait; Potence; Powerbase: Berlin; Powerbase: Chicago; Powerbase: Washington, D.C.; Praxis Seizure: Atlanta; Praxis Seizure: Boston; Praxis Seizure: Chicago; Praxis Seizure: Cleveland; Praxis Seizure: Dallas; Praxis Seizure: Houston; Praxis Seizure: Miami; Praxis Seizure: Seattle; Praxis Seizure: Washington, D.C.; Precognition; Precognizant Mobility; Presence; Protected Resources; Protect Thine Own; Protracted Investment; Psyche!; Psychic Projection; Psychic Veil; Pulled Fangs; Pulling Strings; Pulse of the Canaille; Pursuit; Pushing the Limit
Q: Queen Anne
R: The Rack; Radwyah; Rampage; Ranjan Rishi, Camarilla Scholar; Rapid Healing; Raptor; Rat's Warning; Raven Spy; Raziya Samater; Read Intentions; Rebekka, Chantry Elder of Munich; Redeem the Lost Soul; Redirection; Regilio, The Seeker of Akhenaten; Resilience; Resplendent Protector; Restoration; Revelations; Reversal of Fortunes; Riposte; Ritual of the Bitter Rose; Rolling with the Punches; Rötschreck; Rowan Ring; The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper; Rumors of Gehenna; Rutor's Hand
S: Sabbat Threat; Sacrament of Carnage; Sacrificial Lamb; Saturday-Night Special; Sawed-Off Shotgun; Scorn of Adonis; Scorpion Sting; Scouting Mission; Scrying of Secrets; Second Tradition: Domain; Secret Horde; The Secret Library of Alexandria; Secure Haven; Seduction; Seeds of Corruption; Sengir Dagger; Shattering Blow; Short-Term Investment; Shotgun Ritual; Sideslip; Side Strike; Sigrid Bekker; Sixth Tradition: Destruction; Skin of Night; Skin of Rock; Skin of Steel; The Slashers; Slum Hunting Ground; Smiling Jack, The Anarch; Social Charm; Society Hunting Ground; Society of Leopold; Song of Serenity; Soul Burn; Soul Gem of Etrius; The Spawning Pool; Speed of Thought; Spiridonas; Spirit's Touch; Sports Bike; Spying Mission; Storm Sewers; Stutter-Step; Succubus Club; Sudden Reversal; Suhailah; Surprise Influence; Swallowed by the Night
T: Talbot's Chainsaw; Tasha Morgan; Taste of Vitae; Telepathic Counter; Telepathic Misdirection; Telepathic Vote Counting; Temptation of Greater Power; Terror Frenzy; Thaddeus Zho, Mage; Thaumaturgy; Theft of Vitae; Theo Bell; Third Tradition: Progeny; Thoughts Betrayed; Threats; Thrown Gate; Thrown Sewer Lid; Toreador Grand Ball; Toreador Justicar; Torn Signpost; Trap; Treachery; Tremere Convocation; Tremere Justicar
U: Undead Strength; Unflinching Persistence; Unnatural Disaster; Uptown Hunting Ground
V: Vampiric Speed; Vasilis, The Traitor of Don Cruez; Vast Wealth; Ventrue Directorate Assembly; Ventrue Headquarters; Ventrue Justicar; Vial of Elder Vitae; Victoria; Victoria Ash; Voice of Madness; Volker, The Puppet Prince; Voter Captivation; Vulnerability
W: Wake With Evening's Freshness; Walk of Flame; Warzone Hunting Ground; Wasserschloss Anif, Austria; Watenda; Weather Control; Wilhelm Waldburg; Wooden Stake
X: XTC-Laced Blood
Z: Zip Gun; Zöe

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Expansion Sets

Wizards of the Coast:

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White Wolf:

Sabbat War (2000) · Final Nights (2001) · Bloodlines (2001) · Camarilla Edition (2002) · Anarchs (2003) · Black Hand (2003) · Gehenna (2004) · 10th Anniversary (2004) · Kindred Most Wanted (2005) · Legacies of Blood (2005) · Nights of Reckoning (2006) · Third Edition (2006) · Sword of Caine (2007) · Lords of the Night (2007) · Blood Shadowed Court (2008) · Twilight Rebellion (2008) · Keepers of Tradition (2008) · Ebony Kingdom (2009) · Heirs to the Blood (2010)

Miscellaneous Cards and Decks:

Promotional cards (1996-2010) · Preconstructed decks (2000-2010) · Demonstration decks (2002) · Player's Kit (2006)

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