Vampire: The Eternal Struggle 10th Anniversary was a special card set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle that was published by White Wolf. Rather than preconstructed starter decks or booster packs, the set instead consisted of two preconstructed factory sets of 100 cards each. The set consists almost entirely of reprints of cards that were originally published by Wizards of the Coast (mainly crypt cards from the core Jyhad/V:TES set) that had not yet been reprinted by White Wolf and had thus been out of print for the better part of a decade. Only ten new cards were produced for 10th Anniversary, and all ten were included in each of the two sets. The rest of the cards in each set are unique, meaning that each set included 90 different reprinted cards (or 180 different cards in total between the two) in addition to the ten new cards that came with both sets.

Card listEdit

New cardsEdit

  1. Bowl of Convergence
  2. Caiaphas Smith
  3. Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
  4. Channel 10
  5. Insurance Scam
  6. Liquidation
  7. Orb of Ulain
  8. Polaris Coach
  9. Powerbase: Los Angeles
  10. Rastacourere

Reprinted cardsEdit

A: AdrianeAgrippinaAleph • Anachronism • Anastasia GreyAndreas, The Bard of CreteAndrei PuxonAngelAngus the UnruledAnnekeAnsonAntoinette DuChampAnvilAppoloniusAstrid Thomas
B: BadgerBasiliaBear Paw • Betrayer • BiancaBlack CatBlood BondBrazilBrujah Debate • Business Pressure
C: Camille Devereux, The RavenCardanoCassandra, Magus Prime • Chester DuBoisChristine BoscacciColin Flynn • Consecration RitesCourtland Leighton • Covenant of Blood • Cristofero GiovanniCrusher • Curse of Nitocris
D: Dancin' Dana • Deal with the Devil • Delilah EastonDemetrius SlaterDemocritusDidi MeyersDieter KleistDimple • Dirty Little Secrets • DollfaceDon Cruez, The IdealistDorian StrackDr. Jest • Dr. John CaseyDre, Leader of the Cold DawnDuck
E: Ebanezer RoushEliott Sinclair, Virtuoso Thespian • Emerson BridesEthan Locke
F: Felicia MostromFire DanceFranciscus
G: Gangrel JusticarGenevieveGhoul Escort • Gideon FontaineGilbert DuaneGillian KraderGiovanni Acceptance • Gitane St. ClaireGiuliano VincenziGrendel the Worm-Eaten • Gunther, Beast Lord
H: Hasina KesiHeather Florent, The Opportunist • Hector SosaHelena CasimirHellhoundHomunculus
I: IgnatiusIgo the Hungry • Incriminating Videotape • Invitation Accepted
J: Jazz WentworthJimmy DunnJing WeiJuliusJustine, Elder of Dallas
K: Kallista, Master Sculptor • The Khabar: Community • KoKo
L: Lazarus • Legacy of Power • Lena RoweLeonLuccia PaciolaLucianLucretia, Cess Queen • LupoLydia Van Cuelen
M: Magdalena SchaeferMariel, Lady Thunder • Marty LechtansiMasikaMelissa BartonMerrill Molitor • Might of the CamarillaMiranda SanovaMonique
N: Natasha VolfchekNavar McClarenNephandus (Mage) • NikNormal
O: Ozmo
P: Patrizia Giovanni, Collector of Secrets • The Peace of KhetamonPetru SiposPieter
Q: Quinton McDonnellQuira, The Bitch Queen
R: Rafaele GiovanniRakeRamiel DuPre • Rapid Thought • Ravnos Acceptance • Revelation of the Sire • Revocation of TyreRex, The NecronomistRichard Tauber, Ayelea's Puppet • Ricki Van Demsi • Ritual Challenge • Roland BishopRoland LoussarianRoman AlexanderRoreca QuaidRoxanne, Rectrix of the 13th Floor • RoyceRufina Soledad
S: Sabine Lafitte • Sacrifice • SammySamsonSarah CobblerSebastian MarleySelma the Repugnant • Shadow Step • Shame GrimaldSheldon, Lord of the Clog • Shepherd's Innocence • The Signet of King Saul • Silence of Death • Sins of the Cauchemar • Sir Walter NashSmudge the IgnoredSpiritual Intervention • Spiritual Protector • Submachine Gun • Sylvester Simms
T: Tainted VitaeTalaq, The Immortal • Tatiana RomanovTereza RostasThomas ThorneTiberius, The Scandalmonger • Timothy Crowley • The Treatment • Tura VaughnTusk, The Talebearer
U: Ulugh Beg, The Watcher • Uma HatchUriah Winter
V: Vampiric Disease • Vanish from the Mind's Eye • Veiled Sight • Violette PrentissVliam Andor
W: Writ of Acceptance • Wynn
X: N/A
Y: Yuri, The Talon
Z: Zack NorthZebulon

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Expansion Sets

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White Wolf:

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Miscellaneous Cards and Decks:

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