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Valdis Hel-Blár




Followers of Set




Arnulf Jormungandrsson

Valdis Hel-Blár is the founder of the Children of Loki.


Embraced into the materialistic Hall of Jormungandr, Valdis managed to revitalize the spiritual aspect of the norse Setites. A striking figure with red hair and half her face painted corpse-blue in honor of the goddess Hel, her personal charisma greatly exceeds her sire. Her own Cult, the Children of Loki, rever Loki as a mask of Set, emphasizing his infiltration of the Aeons, while spreading the seeds of chaos and calling upon chthonic powers to bring about Ragnarök. Valdis claims that she has rediscovered aspects of a cult that had been to Scandinavia long before her sire. Her movement has earned her the disfavour of her own sire, but was greatly appreciated by Theophidians all around the globe.


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