Usury sigil
Name: Usurers
Nicknames: Misers, Pathos Barons
Category: Great
Guildmaster(s): Unknown
Primary Arcanos: Usury

The Usurers Guild is one of the Guilds of Wraith: The Oblivion. Usurers specialize in the Arcanos of Usury.

Once among the most respected Guilds, the Usurers were considered among the power players of Stygia, up there with the Artificers and Masquers. Their ability to control the energies and physical matter of death was considered immensely important, and many worked to stay on their good side.

Then came the Guild Revolt. The Usurers threw in with the rest, but were also the first to recognize that they were fighting a losing battle. They withdrew, leaving the other Guilds short on Pathos and Corpus, and essentially ended the failure early. However, many Guilds saw them as traitors for their reversal, even as many knew the same truth that the Usurers did. They continue to suffer for their betrayal to this day, distrusted by many.

The Usurers are now highly secretive and selective of their potential clients. Those who require the services of a Usurer frequently have a long hunt ahead of them that is not guaranteed to lead them to what they need. During this hunt, a Usurer will decide if they want to assist this potential client; those who are deemed worthy will be allowed to find their goal. Because of their limited clientele, the services of a Usurer are among the more expensive of the Guilds.

The Usurers are named for usurers. A usurer is someone who lends money with an extremely high interest rate.

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